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Corporate Profile

We promise to remain our clients’ best partner by
providing the most appropriate solutions to solve any needs.

Business Philosophy

We create a means of communication to realize our clients’ visions, working towards a vibrant future for the global community.

Business Domain

Communication Design Business
We bring together a dynamic workforce to design vibrant experiences for people, places and exchanges.

Company Profile

Company Name
JTB Communication Design, Inc.
April 8, 1988
100 million yen
Board Members
Akihiro Hosono, President & CEO

Masaki Otsuka, Managing Director
Masaaki Nagai, Director
Takahiro Matsui, Director
Tadashi Machida, Director
Kazuhiko Kaneko, Director
Takeshi Kimura, Director
Hiroki Furuno, Director
Osamu Toda, Director

Shinichi Kamaki, Auditor
Takashi Mimura, Auditor
Business Categories
  • 1.Organizing, planning and managing events, congresses, seminars, meetings, and trade shows
  • 2.Marketing research and analyses, marketing solutions
  • 3.Planning and consulting on customer-gathering and exchange programs, regional promotion, sales promotion and human resource revitalization plans for better corporate performance
  • 4.Advertising, promotion, and public relations
  • 5.PFI projects, facilities management
  • 6.Training and managing entertainment personalities and voice actors, managing events and fan clubs
  • 7.Planning, developing, producing and managing projects involving the rights for entertainment personalities, music, movies, plays, publications, and others
  • 8.Worker dispatch business
  • 9.Training, dispatching and arranging for interpreters and guides
  • 10.Planning and managing examination and certification programs
  • 11.Management of systems development, office management, IT solution provision
  • 12.Planning, development, office management for membership organizations, solution provision
  • 13.Travel
  • 14.Selling electricity
Main Banks
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Japan Association of Advertising Agencies/Advertising Council Japan/
Japan Advertising Review Organization (JARO)/Japan Congress Convention Bureau (JCCB)/
The Association of Public Theaters and Halls in Japan/
Japan Audit Bureau of Circulations (JABC)/Japan Council of Shopping Centers (JCSC)/
International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA)/Japan Exhibition Association (JEXA)/
Japan Convention Management Association (JCMA)/The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI)/
Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA)/