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Handling of Personal Information Obtained through Your Inquiries

  • Any personal information we collect when you contact us about our products, services, or any other matter will be used only for responding to your inquiry, and providing information of our products, services of the company.
  • The personal information we collect when you contact us will not be provided to third parties without your prior consent, except in cases pursuant to laws and ordinances and when it is necessary to protect human life, physical well-being, or assets.
  • The personal information we collect when you contact us will be stored in the system for five years and will be deleted automatically at the end of month five years after you contact us.
  • Please contact the Help Desk below for inquiries regarding notification of the purpose of use of your personal information we collected when you contacted us, its disclosure, amendment, termination of use, etc. We will address your inquiry swiftly within reasonable means.
  • It will be at your discretion whether you provide us with personal information when you contact us. However, please note that failure to supply the necessary information may mean that we are unable to appropriately address your inquiry.
【Name of Company that Obtains Personal Information and the Company's Personal Information Protection Manager】
Company Name: JTB Communication Design, Inc.
Personal Information Protection Manager: CSR Promotion Office